Titan Robotics

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A Rifts supplement adding new ways to play featuring androids, advanced weapons, power armor, robot vehicles, and conspiracies.

Welcome to the Titan Robotics Pre-Order Store! If you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter, but want to be one of the first to get some of the new products, this is the place to be. And for those of you outside the USA who want to take advantage of the special shipping arrangements we’ve made to fulfill the Kickstarter, we have included a ton of other titles you can add to your pre-order so it all ships together! Enjoy, and thank you for your support.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Today is Your Final Day for Savage Rifts Add-Ons!
5 months ago – Wed, May 10, 2023 at 08:32:02 AM

Greetings, backers!

Today, May 10, is your final day to add the Rifts Pawn Set 1 and Rifts Map Bundle add-ons in BackerKit. So if you wanted to pick those up, log into BackerKit RIGHT NOW and do it, because you won’t be able to do it tomorrow.

While you’re at it, look over your selections and make sure you haven’t missed anything, because the BackerKit pledge manager and pre-order store will be closing on June 2nd, which is coming up fast. Make your final selections, and please make sure we have your correct shipping info.

Thank you!

5 months ago – Wed, May 03, 2023 at 03:01:51 PM

Greetings Syntharoids!

The PDF previews and remasters are uploaded, the books are at the printers, the card decks are being updated for mass printing, the art prints are ready to ship, the rules conversions are nearing completion, and the intro adventure is being finalized! Your rewards are coming along right on schedule :)

As we make our last minute preparations to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible with the Titan Robotics crowdfunding and pre-order fulfillment please take note:

  • BackerKit Survey: If you haven't done it, DO IT NOW - enter your Kickstarter email to begin.
  • Finalize Savage Rifts Add-Ons: We will be finalizing orders on the Rifts Pawn Set 1 and the Rifts Map Bundle (an AWESOME deal) next week so that we can get everything shipped to and staged at the Palladium warehouse in preparation for the final print books. SO, if you are interested in those items please add them via BackerKit ASAP. I must say, I led the art direction on these personally in tandem with the wonderful illustrators at Sigil Entertainment, and these beautiful maps and paper minis look great and are built to last. The updated map of North America is my favorite, and canon, too!
  • BackerKit Pre-Order Bundles: Due to your feedback, we added options for Pre-Order Customers to be able to bundle books and PDFs together, and still receive the Titan Robotics and Cyberworks Savage Rifts conversion documents. This is primarily for customers who completely missed the Kickstarter. If you backed this Kickstarter then you already have access to the best deals available, and can still upgrade your pledge level now. Please message us if you have any questions or issues that come up.
  • Tidy Up Your BackerKit: While we will leave the Titan Robotics BackerKit pledge manager open as long as possible, we will be locking it down around the time the print books arrive (mid June is what our printers are projecting). Please get all your ducks in a row so that we can avoid as many last-minute changes as possible and get everyone all the awesome goodies they want. Also, please be ready to finalize shipping details and associated payments at that time.
A Helios robot vehicle takes aim at a fast-approaching target.

I know I say it every update, but everyone at Palladium appreciates your support as we tread new ground and work hard to raise the bar a little more each day. Kevin and I are listening and would love to hear any feedback you might have so please contact us through the helpdesk on our website, call the office during business hours (9:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Friday), or drop on by the studio to get the tour from me or Kevin and chat all things Palladium (please call first to confirm we won't be in meetings or running errands). 

The same goes doubly if you have any issues via Kickstarter or BackerKit. We are a small team so we rely on email alerts to keep tabs on things. Sometimes that doesn't work perfectly or quickly, so please don't forget that you can call us directly here at the office -- you won't deal with some answering service staffed overseas, you will talk to a real live Palladium staff member who will personally help you or get you to one of us who can.  They might even be nice. These days, that's pretty rare.


Sean Owen Roberson

Titan Robotics has GONE GOLD — it's at the printers!
5 months ago – Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 02:31:14 PM

Titan Robotics™ and Cyberworks™ Collection are GOLD

To steal an old video game term, going "Gold" means that the master copy of a game is finished and has been sent to the printers to be produced on physical disks like floppies, CDs, etc.

Actually, we sent Titan Robotics™ and the Cyberworks™ Collection to our printers on Monday so I am pleased to inform you that we are solidly on-track to begin fulfillment in June! Hopefully everything continues to go smoothly with our printers here in the USA, their supply chain, shipping, etc. I'm a pretty optimistic guy, but as a military veteran I've learned to plan for the worst while only secretly hoping for the best. Oh, and we sent out updated digital PDFs yesterday via DriveThruRPG to all of our backers, including any of you who recently upgraded your pledge, so enjoy those files. If anyone reading this hasn't yet done their BackerKit Survey yet, PLEASE do it now via this link - just enter your Kickstarter email to begin! 

The Atlas combat robot menacingly displays the Chimera Weapon System mounted on its right arm.

The progress on this crowdfunding campaign has me doubly excited because the three big Rifts® for Savage Worlds® products that I led development on are also making great headway -- backer review files are being released by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Please see the crowdfunding campaign here if you'd like to check it out. It includes the Rifts® South America: Land of a Thousand Islands worldbook with 109 PA canon updates for the factions in the region, the FIRST EVER Rifts® campaign boxed set Terror on the Dark Frontier that takes place along the Coalition Frontier in the New West, Rifts® Pawn Set 2  (a second massive box of premium paper miniatures), a beautiful canon poster map of South America circa 109 PA, Rifts® battle maps, and more. It really is pretty cool stuff, I hear nothing but glowing feedback, and I'm proud to have worked with so many talented writers and artists to help make it happen. 

In fact, key members of the Savage Rifts® writing team that I built and trained — my dark side apprentices??? — are pulling double duty working on the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) conversion docs for Titan Robotics and the Cyberworks Collection. This means that the Savage Worlds conversions are shaping up to be top notch for those of you who enjoy gaming in that system, and will include rules for playing Aberrant Mechanoids using the Intelligent Construct character creation system that I wrote for Empires of Humanity. Yeah, I'm hyped too! 

The Cyberworks Poker Deck and Titan Courier Team intro adventure are also coming along well, with more to show off on that front soon.

Once again, my humblest and most sincere thanks to every single one of you for supporting this project. We are a small team and working hard, so if you need anything please message us via BackerKit, that really helps us coordinate the information flow — thanks! If somehow that fails (like when we had a server meltdown last month) please feel free to call our office.

I'm off to write the Palladium Books weekly update, so check back at that link tomorrow evening (Thursday, April 20th) if you'd like to read more of my thoughts.


Sean Owen Roberson

Shemarrian Nation Remastered and PDF delivery update
6 months ago – Tue, Apr 11, 2023 at 02:51:16 PM

Howdy Rifters, 

Shemarrian Nation Remastered

This is a short update to let you know that the remastered Shemarrian Nation PDF is done and is being delivered today. For those of you who backed at a level containing the Cyberworks Collection (Cyber-Knight and above), you should be receiving your file(s). For those who already owned this PDF on DriveThruRPG, your file should be updated to the new remastered edition; NOTE that you may not see a an email or notification but if you re-download the file it will be the remastered edition that includes a fresh layout, PDF bookmarks, a back Index, as well as spelling and grammar corrections, page links, etc. 

Titan Armored Security stands watch

Pledge Level Upgrades

If you have recently upgraded your pledge level, we have to sort through and send DriveThruRPG rewards manually, they aren't delivered automagically. So, with this update we are sending all three of the remastered Cyberworks Collection PDFs to everyone who has backed at that level (Cyber-Knight and above) even as of today, so you should be receiving your files - if you you can't download them through DriveThruRPG please message us through BackerKit! In addition, a new near final preview of Titan Robotics has been uploaded, so if you'd like to check that out please re-download your copy - I've added an introduction after the backer list (Hardcore Fan and above).

Other Rewards

  • The Savage Rifts Conversion Documents: These are in progress. The Cyberworks Collection material is complete, and the Titan Robotics material is being converted in earnest now that the book is final. Once all of that process is done (quite a bit of material), it will go into layout. There are some cool options for Savage Rifts fans being included, so I think everyone will really enjoy the final output.
  • The Courier Team Introductory Adventure: Is coming along very well, I really liked the the manuscript so in progress is polish, quick stats, pregens, etc.
  • The Titan Robotics Card Deck: We have been coordinating with a new, high quality printer, and getting files updated and lined up for their production needs. Sounds boring, but it's worth it even though it has taken some back and forth. Hopefully I will have an improved print proof to show off in a couple of weeks.

As always, thanks for your support. It has been great hearing all of the awesome feedback about how much you are loving the improved functionality of the remastered editions, we will definitely be doing more of those in the future thanks to your very positive reception. Also, I'm so glad everyone is having a blast with Titan Robotics, I hope you enjoy the new introduction.


Sean Owen Roberson

PS: If you have any more feedback or corrections, please post them to the Palladium Books Forums or right here in the comments section. 

Titan Robotics PDF preview sent to Backers PLUS Rifts Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids remastered
6 months ago – Thu, Mar 30, 2023 at 09:02:36 PM

Howdy Backers!

Let's just dive right in...

Server Meltdown!

The last few weeks at the office have been crazy with tons of behind-the-scenes challenges. A-super-long-story-much-shorter, the server running our emails, forum, and website was 90% down for the last two weeks. What was supposed to be an “upgrade” went very poorly on our server provider’s end. Wayne has spent the last three weeks applying fixes and communicating with them daily (which took him away from the Cyberworks Collection remasters, which I am completing). Last Thursday, after I updated yall about the release of the remastered Sourcebook One Revised, we found out that two weeks' worth of emails, weekly updates, and forum posts had all been gobbled up by the void! Including the forum post that we created for Titan Robotics feedback... of course.

Last Friday we took action which seems to have fixed things and restored most of the lost data. However, in the meantime, we didn’t receive a number of Kickstarter and BackerKit emails over the past 2+ weeks, and of the ones we did receive our email responses may not have gone through. Wayne spent Monday thru Wednesday triaging the issues and responding to everyone we’ve received messages from. If you are reading this now and haven’t had a response to a recent message, please message us again through BackerKit and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience as we work through these obstacles, we are pedaling as fast as possible!

Titan Robotics Challenges

I wasn't initially going to share this, but after discussing it with Kevin I think it's important to let you in on a factor that delayed the final edit of Titan Robotics, and give you some insider information that few people would normally know about. Those of you who have the Titan Robotics RAW edition will notice vast changes in virtually all of the new robots and power armor in the book - this isn't because Matt's write-ups were bad, there is another reason.  An artist did over a dozen (nearly twenty) sketches for the robots and power armor designed by Matthew Clements, but the final versions were never turned in. Fortunately, we contracted Steven Cummings to do supplemental art for the book, and he and Kevin got so excited that Steven did a bunch of extra illustrations. While I was able to substitute Steven's wonderful illustrations into the book, I had to do a ton of rewrites and re-imagine many of Matt's write-ups to match the totally new and different depictions. So that was a challenge but it means something cool...

Argent Goodson's wife Diana Eve is not happy with someone...

A Titanium Bonus!

I wrote a power armor or robot for every single illustration that Steven Cummings did for us, plus many others, and added tons of new material like campaign prompts, the Titan Courier teams, the Titan Dispatcher class, the Talos Program, Syntharoids, Gunny's Depots, characters like Diana Eve and Clay Steele, new information like the Bois Blanc Island facility, Argent Goodson's friendship with Colonel Larsen, Prometheus Arms weapons, the Chimera Weapon Mount System, a comprehensive list of munitions for use in the Minion War... a lot. And suddenly, I realized that what we Kickstarted as a 160 page book is now 192 pages! You loyal backers are getting the bonus 32 pages completely FREE, as the rewards were calculated for a 160 page book. When Titan Robotics goes to retail the price will definitely go up to match the new page count. So, apologies that all the crazy server stuff and war machine rewrites caused a small delay, but I hope an extra 20% boost of solid content will help you be content ;)

The PDFs are flowing...

With all of the bizarre server issues and delays, it's great that everything is still coming together quite nicely, with PDFs being released to you via DriveThruRPG. For all of y’all who already owned Rifts® Sourcebook One Revised or Rifts® Sourcebook 2: The Mechanoids on DriveThruRPG, your PDFs have been remastered for FREE thanks to the support of the Titan Robotics Kickstarter backers who made the Cyberworks Collection happen. I'm already cranking away on the Rifts® Sourcebook: Shemarrian Nation remaster, so keep your eyes peeled for that one very soon.

  • Rifts® Sourcebook Titan Robotics preview: As I guessed in my last update, we sent this out to Backers last Friday. An updated version of this PDF, including feedback and corrections from you, has just been sent out. It also includes the Backer list, In Memoriam, and Character Tributes. Thanks to everyone who posted issues they saw to our forums or just noted them as comments here on KS - with our server issues that was great to have.
  • Rifts® Sourcebook 2 - The Mechanoids™ remaster: I just finished this remaster and sent it out. Like the other titles, it includes an improved Table of Contents, PDF Bookmarks, and an Index. Since this book was never entered into a computer before - it was pasted up from hand-typed paper and printed art - we contracted an archival agency to help us scan the book's text and convert it into a usable format. They did an OK job but Alex Marciniszyn and I found some errors that crept in. We will try another company next time we are remastering a book that old. Anyhow, I think we found all of the text conversion errors but if you notice anything that needs correcting please post in the Palladium Forums and we will get it fixed. Overall I think this book looks really sharp and is a faithful recreation of the classic original.
  • Rifts® Sourcebook One Revised remaster: This was sent out last Thursday. Unlike SB2 Mechanoids, this title was revised in 2007 and had great digital text files to work from. Thanks for all of the great feedback, I'm glad yall are enjoying the fresh new Table of Contents, PDF Bookmarks, Index, and text links.

Titan Robotics BackerKit Survey - DO IT NOW!

Backers, please, for the love of all that is holy, make sure you have done your BackerKit survey (about 6% of you haven't yet) - PLEASE go to and enter your Kickstarter email to get started. You will be prompted with questions from that web page - that IS the survey. If you can’t remember whether you’ve done the survey, try again it won’t hurt anything. FYI, if you backed at a level with a physical product, you will be asked to enter payment information for BackerKit to have it on file for when we charge shipping (we are waiting until the product is about to ship to get you the most accurate shipping costs possible).

Upgrade Your Pledge - Now Automated

In another update regarding BackerKit, you asked and we listened, we have made it possible for you to upgrade your pledge manually, no need to message us. There was a slight delay in getting the option set up because BackerKit had a bug in that functionality, but they reported to us that the issue is resolved. It looks to be working properly now :)

PDF Delivery Troubleshooting

I'd like to urge all of you to make sure that you have received your files through DriveThruRPG; instructions for getting your PDFs were sent to your Kickstarter email.

If you haven't received your Titan Robotics preview PDF, the first step is to make sure you have done your BackerKit survey. If you aren’t sure you did it, DO IT AGAIN!

If you have done your BackerKit survey, and still don’t have your Titan Robotics preview, then please message us via BackerKit so that we can help you get your digital rewards through DriveThruRPG. This all has to be done manually, so please be patient.

If you didn’t get Sourcebook 1 remastered, first off make sure that you backed at a level that contains it as a reward; we’ve gotten multiple messages from fans confused on this point. If you are excited to get the Cyberworks Collection PDFs (Sourcebook 1 Revised, Sourcebook 2 The Mechanoids, and Shemarrian Nation - all remastered) at a great price, this is nearly your last opportunity to upgrade your pledge through BackerKit - so please do so now if you want this resource.

Picking an Email Address

Oh, and one last housekeeping note, please make sure that your Kickstarter email is one that you check — and better yet, the one linked to your DriveThruRPG account — we've had a couple of people use Apple ID's email obfuscating option when setting up their Kickstarter account via the iPhone app, and FYI if you use an option like that you will never receive our emails because it just enters a dummy email address that doesn't forward to your real email!

What's Next for Titan Robotics?

Even with the slight delay to PDF book releases, we remain on track to ship Rifts® Titan Robotics and the Cyberworks Collection to physical backers in June, and will be sending both books to the printer shortly. Updates on the rewards in progress:

  • Rifts® Sourcebook: Shemarrian Nation remaster: The PDF is in process, and probably coming to you in the next few business days.
  • The Savage Rifts Conversion Documents: These are in progress. The Cyberworks Collection bonus material is virtually all complete, and the Titan Robotics material is kicking off in earnest now that the book is final. Once all of that is done being converted (quite a bit of material), it will go into layout. 
  • The Courier Team Introductory Adventure: Is being done by a great adventure writer and coming along very well, I really liked the the manuscript so next up is polish, quick stats, pregens, etc. 

I say it often, but it comes from real gratitude - we truly appreciate your support. I hope you enjoy reading Titan Robotics as much as Matt and I enjoyed writing it.


Sean Owen Roberson